Distinguished Service Hall of Fame Award (DSHOF)

The Distinguished Service Hall of Fame (DSHOF) award shall be the highest honor which can be bestowed upon any single member of Blacks In Government (BIG) and shall be reserved for active and financial members who shall have been active in BIG for a minimum of fifteen (15) consecutive years. These individuals shall have distinguished themselves as making exceptional contributions at the National, Regional and/or Chapter levels of BIG or their respective communities. Members receiving this high honor must be recommended by their Chapter, their Regional Council and verified for eligibility by the National Board of Directors respectively.

National Prestige Awards Program

The Blacks In Government (BIG) National Prestige Awards Program is designed to recognize those Members, Chapters, and Regions whose deeds and contributions have been so exemplary or significant in the furtherance of the organizations goals and objectives that they deserve special honor and praise. Similarly, the awards program will recognize individuals and organizations outside of BIG for their outstanding accomplishments.

The National Prestige Awards are given on an annual basis, upon approval of the National Board of Directors. The award is based on deeds and contributions achieved during the previous calendar year. Awards will be presented at the Closing Plenary during the National Training Institute.

Military Meritorious Service Award (MMSA)

National Blacks In Government (BIG) is one of the Department of Defense (DoD)'s diversity affinity groups and is accepting nominations for National Blacks In Government Military Meritorious Service Award. The attached guide provides information on this award.

Purpose: The BIG Military Meritorious Service Award honors military members and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees, men and women, who have supported the DoD mission, overseas contingency operations, or whose attributes best epitomized the qualities and core values of their respective Military Service or other DoD Component.