DLYA Alumni Officers:

President: Mazella Thomas

Vice-President: Christine Wilder

Treasurer: Esther Seabrook

Secretary: Deena Sheppard

Alumni Coordinator: Marie Perry


The Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy (DYLA) is a competency-based leadership development program designed to develop future public service leaders through providing assessment, experiential learning and individual development opportunities. This program provides future public service leaders with solid training and a developmental foundation in leadership skills and team building, enhanced by agency developmental experiences. The DYLA operates under the direction of Morgan State University.

The DYLA is committed to preparing their members for leadership roles at all levels of public service. This program focuses on helping members acquire the essential skills needed to be competent leaders through a series of intense professional training. The attainment of these skills offers members the opportunity to expand their comprehension of leadership. DYLA prepares their members to function as educated, analytical, and skilled leaders within their organization, their jobs, and their community.


Program Objectives:

The objectives of the Leadership Academy are to:

" Encourage public sector organizations to prepare talented employees for leadership and managerial positions at an earlier stage of their careers.

" Provide training and developmental experiences needed to produce leaders in the public sector.

" Provide training and developmental experiences needed by team members, team leaders, supervisors, and managers for successful job performance.

" Provide public sector employees with a solid training and developmental foundation in leadership skills and team building.

" Provide participants with an opportunity to assess their potential and interest in careers as future supervisors, managers, and executives, and to provide the kinds of job-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enhance their success.

" Assist participants in becoming more effective in their roles within their respective organizations.

" Provide participants with an opportunity to observe supervisors, managers, and executives as role models in the work setting.


A lifetime partner in the mission of the Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy Program. - Training BIG Members to be Leaders for Life.


Our mission is to use the talents and resources of the YLA Graduates to support the Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy and Blacks In Government.

Benefits/Value of Alumni

  • Rally and promote interest in YLA program
  • Host Leadership event at NTC
  • One-on-one dialogue about YLA
  • Program question & answers
  • Build networks & alliances
  • Volunteer group for YLA Program Executive
  • Annual financial donation


Congratulations Marie Perry! The new DYLA Program Coordinator


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