Region XI

Black history is embedded throughout all of the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.  We historically ventured in music with the likes of Duke Ellington, enriched our neighborhoods with the home of Frederick Douglas , and worked in a city designed by Benjamin Banneker.  The Washington Monument Mall, in front of the Lincoln Memorial was where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.   Since the mid 1800’s, blacks have contributed significantly towards drafting many of the laws written on Capitol Hill and still manage to leave an excellent heritage for our children and the future.


Welcome to the Retired Members Chapter Website


      The Retired Members Chapter (RMC) was established under the jurisdiction of Blacks In Government’s Region XI to provide professional support to Black Federal, State, and Local retired Government employees in the Washington,  D. C. Metropolitan area and our local community.

     The RMC Chapter will provide educational activities and programs designed to make retirement an enjoyable experience for potential and retired Government employees, while at the same time support our local community.

     Many of our programs include:

· BIG’s Annual Youth Oratorical Competition;

· BIG’s Annual Information Superhighway Competition;

· Maintain and provide a central media for retirement related issues, available benefits, resource programs, healthcare, and support services;

· Provide state-of-the-art educational on-line (web-cast) quarterly seminars;

· Partner with local universities to provide education opportunities to Region XI membership and immediate family members, as well as our local community;

· Provide educational travel seminars to enrich your minds and relax your souls;

· Serve as a resource for individuals (baby boomers) retired from the Federal, State and local Government throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area;

· Professional Meeting and Event Planning Consultant Services to support our programs.



RXI Retired Members Chapter   

 Blacks In Government

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Phone:  (301) 567-3012

FAX:  (301) 567-5194

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