Blacks In Government Region III

2013 1st Quarterly Regional Meeting

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Taking a lunch break
Conversing during lunch
Smiling for the camera
Having a good conversation at the table
Eating good food
More discussions during lunch
Tasty food
Lively discussions
Engaged in converstaion
More smiles for the camera
Enjoying the lunch break
In deep conversation
The waiter
Region III Executive Board Members
Region III Executive Board Members
The Williamsburg Hospitality House Staff
Region III members enjoying lunch
Engulfed in conversation
There's much to talk about
"Check out my new phone!"
More members enjoying lunch
More smiles for the camera
More discussioins going on at the table
Members still enjoying the delicious meal
Ready to get back to the remainder of the meeting
Enjoying the last few minutes of lunch, before it's time to resume the meeting
Arneda, conversing with the gracious hosts