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BIG functions as a employee support group, an advocate group and a resource group for black civil servants.


Its' stated goals are:

  • To be an advocate of equal opportunity for blacks in government.

  • To eliminate practices of racism against blacks in government.

  • To promote professionalism among blacks in government.

  • To enhance the promotion of ethnic pride and socio-economic, civic and cultural programs and comradeship through organized business  meetings and regular social gatherings that will serve to bind us together.

  • To establish a mechanism for capitulation, synthesis, dissemination and coordination of information for BIG, thereby continually upgrading communication among black employees across government with the objective of attaining strength through mutual knowledge.

  • To provide a non-partisan platform of major issues of local and national significance so that our members may better know and express there indvidual minds on matters which may affect them

  • To expand the concept and objectives of blacks in government and jurisdictions throughout the United States, its regions, and other subdivisions to provide maximum impact of the benefits derived from the pursuit of these goals and objectives