Current Membership Roster for 2006


Allen, Charles
Anderson, Berneice 
Ashley, Carl 
Baker, Beatrice
Barnes, Lucretia  
Bolds, Sadie 
Brown, Audra
Brown, Charisse 
Carpenter, Benita
Carter, Beverly  
Clayton, Yvonne  
Commons, Patricia 
Edwards, Vannette
Flores, Maria   
Garrison, Theodore
Harrington, Delores 
Henry, Dorothy
Horton, Shirley  

Hughey, Margie 
Hunte’, Michelle
Johnson, Odell
Johnson, Thomas
Jordan, Cheryl
Malik, Martha
Malone, Michelle
Mason, Debra
Means, Betty
Riley, Mary
Rudel, Mildred
Simmons, Fannie
Sowell, Diane
Watson, Terry
West, Terry J.
Wheeler, Tabatha
Wilhoit, Jerry
Willis, Loren

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