On behalf of the members and friends of the national organization of Blacks In Government (BIG), I would like to welcome you to the "Independence Chapter" Website. This website is intended to be a multi purpose network that will provide up to date information that is of particular interest to persons of color who are employed in city, state, or federal government.

Although BIG's major emphasis in past years has been directed primarily toward African-Americans employed in the federal sector , we feel that a much broader vision is called for. In these changing times, the people of color must begin to pool their vast talents and resources in order to effectively combat the forces in our society which seek to wipe away many of the employment gains that have been realized within the last three decades.

Therefore, the Independence Chapter is committed to an "activist" agenda and seeks to facilitate a continuous dialogue of empowerment among persons of color at all levels of government in this city. We have been seperated too long. Working together toward a common goal, we have the potential to affect tremendous change in the workplace and in the world.

I invite you to get involved in the struggle and become an active member of the Independence Chapter of BIG. We need your ideas and your visible support. It is our sincere hope that this chapter will soon be recognized as being one of the most talented, and progressive local BIG chapters in the nation. To this end, we prayerfully solicit your comments and suggestions concerning BIG and about the information that is contained on our website. Thanks for taking the time to see what BIG is all about.


Joshua Carter, President