Welcome to the "Independence Chapter" Website! This website is intended to be a multi purpose network that will provide up to date information that is of particular interest to persons of color who are employed in city, state, or federal government. More...

Bridging the "Digital Divide"

In July 1999, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued a report, entitled "Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide". This report identified a growing gap between those with access to computers and information technology tools and those without. We, the members of the Independence Chapter are determined to do something about it. For more details...

Faith based Computer Learning Centers

Click here to see a list of the faith-based computer learning centers that have been started with the assistance of the Independence Chapter of BIG.

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Chartered in April 1998
Philadelphia, PA.

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Region III

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Community Development

Each year, members of the Independence Chapter participate in the Martin Luther King Day of Service Project. To see photos from last year's project click here...

"Attend a BIG meeting today"
We cordially invite you to attend a BIG meeting! The Independence Chapter holds general meetings quarterly. General meetings are usually scheduled to start at 5:30 pm.

General meetings are open to the public and we encourage frank and honest discussion of all employment issues that are of concern to persons of color who are employed by the government.

To see specific information on meeting times and places, Click here.