09 Jan 02

1. The meeting was called to order by the President.

2. Joshua Carter gave the Invocation.

3. Bobby Stallings extended a welcome to the VA Regional Office to attendees.

4. It is noted that a quorum was established with 7 financial members present.

5. Reports: Membership, written report submitted by Linda Bouie, Chair, Membership Committee and presented by Lee Ann Richard-Stewart. Amount of financial members in chapter provided. Written report available.

Financial Report: written report submitted by Lee Ann Richardson-Stewart, Financial Secretary. Account balances and expenses in chapter accounts provided. Written report available.

6. It was moved and carried to accept the Membership report and Financial report.

7. Approval of the Agenda, New Business was added to the Agenda. It was moved and carried to accept the Agenda.

8. President’s Report: Regional Training Conference-Norfolk, VA was very informative. There was an Officer’s Leadership Training Conference held in Hartford, CT. A discussion ensued announcing Cheryl Keitt as Regional Director for Region III on the National Board of Directors, and Aditya McDuffy as the National Legal Review Chair, and Joshua Carter as the acting Regional Vice President. The purpose of the Officer’s Leadership Training was described to groom leaders, give knowledge of the organization, procedures and policies, and pass the training on to the members of your chapter. The President informed the membership of the chapter submitting a bid proposal for the 2004 NTC to be held in Philadelphia.

9. The Regional Council meeting will be held on January 26, 2002 in Petersburg, VA. It is noted that Bob Stallings is financial.

10. Election Committee Report: Cheryl Keitt, Chair, Al Harris committee member; there will be 2 ballots, one for people attending the meeting and one for financial members not in attendance. Ballots mailed in must be post marked by January 19, 2002. There are self-addressed envelopes without member’s addresses on them. There are names on the ballot that are tentative due to people attending meetings with no quorum. A motion was made to count the people on the ballot that were tentative attendance to meetings with no quorum as meeting the 4 meeting a year requirement in the By-Laws.

It was properly moved and carried to accept the above motion. A question arose about the President automatically being a Regional Council Representative. The By-Laws Article VII, Section 5 confirmed the President being an automatic Regional Council Representative. Discussion of nominations and elections highlighting the election committee’s question as to the cutoff date of eligibility for paying dues to be financial for office and voting.

The Membership Chair utilized December 31, 2001 as the cutoff date for eligibility. It was moved and carried to accept December 31, 2001 as the cutoff date for financial eligibility. A question was raised is the President allowed to vote other than to break a tie? It will be researched and responded to (Bob Stallings). Are the Regional Representatives reimbursed for attending council meeting? No, not at present. It was moved and carried to table discussion of reimbursement of regional representatives’ expenses.

11. Fundraising Committee Report: Richard Williams; Multi-agency Fundraiser, written report submitted and is available. The proposal is to find agency (from each member/agency representative) participation for a fund raising function. The need is for points of contact from the government agencies to come together and have a major function with the proceeds going to scholarships. Fundraising Committee representatives; Beverly Williams, Richard Williams, David Brown, Aditya McDuffy, Alfred Harris and Bob Stallings.

12. There was a discussion of utilizing BIG Programs, National, Regional and Local to establish partnerships and contracts with management at different agencies, unions and employee association groups. The President asked Mr. Stallings to establish his location as a meeting place to have activities for the organization of BIG.

13. Next meeting location will be at the VA Medical Center on Woodland and University Aves. On February 6, 2002.

14. The meeting was adjourned.

David J. Brown
Executive Secretary
Independence Chapter
Blacks In Government
(215) 737-4209