"Free" Computers Available!!!

If you are living or working in the Philadelphia area and would like to get some free computers donated to your church or non-profit community group, please send a letter of request to one or more of the organizations listed below:
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia
700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Attn: Ms. Minnie Walker, Bldg. # 36

Naval Inventory Control Point
700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Attn: Mr. Richard Pollard

Independence Chapter of Blacks In Government
P.O. Box 45252
Philadelphia, PA 19124-5252
Attn: Mr. Joshua Carter

When submitting a letter requesting computers, remember....

1. Letter should be printed on the official stationary of your church or community based organization.

2. Letter should be signed by an authorizing official or officer of the organization.

3. Letter should include a statement regarding the number of computers that you need to enhance a program that currently exists. (Organizations that already have a computer program in place are often given priority over those who are requesting computers to start a new program.)

4. Indicate that someone from your organization will provide any transportation that may be needed to acquire these computers.

If you need additional information, please contact:

Joshua Carter Sr. - (215) 737-5520 or jcarter@dscp.dla.mil

Carlton Rodgers - (215)737-7622 or crodgers@dscp.dla.mil