Striving for Execellence

Program and Planning Committee

  • Responsible for development and implementation of the necessary programs and requirements to fulfill the purpose and     objectives of the Chapter.

  • Shall be responsible for training and assistance in those areas critical to the well being of Black government employees.

  • Election Committee

  • Prepare an official ballot of eligible candidates for each office.

  • Conduct the actual election of officers in conjuction with the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee.

  • Present the election results to the membership and provide certification.

  • Membership Committee

  • Develop and implements program for membership drives.

  • Receive and screen applications.

  • Maintain an up-to-date roster of all members.

  • Finance Committee

  • Responsible for the financial accountability of the chapter.

  • Determining the cost of the chapter's programs and reporting the general membership the feasibilty of implementing these     programs.

  • Servers as audit committee for audits required by law, or any other reason.

  • EEO/Employee Advocacy Committee

  • Work with members to assist within the Chapters authority the members on specific issues (EEO or adverse action).

  • Work with the Region or National EEO Chair as an advocate for the Chapterís member if so requested to assist with the     members complaints.

  • Monitor and develop programs to address areas of concern of Chapter employees, including rates of hiring and firing;     promotions; and training.

  • Monitor all issues/matters referring to affirmative action and work; assist in developing the Chapterís position on any     legislation or regulations impacting on advance and employment opportunities of BIG for submittal to the Regional or     National Organization.

  • Scholarship Committee

    Public Relations Committee

    Communication Committee

    Legal Affiars Advisor Committee

    Legistlative Review Committee

    Information Technology Committee