Farrell J. Chiles
Chairman, Board of Directors   


Gregory Reeves
National President



   21 JANUARY 2004


National President Addresses BIG Issues of concern during the
NAACP Federal Sector Task Force Summit in Washington, DC

On Saturday January 17, 2004, the National President, Mr. Gregory Reeves, participated as a key panelist during the NAACP Summit.

The President spoke of the recent personnel reform by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the concerns among our members.  “Our concern is how this will affect government workers and the belief that this reform will completely dismantle the Federal Personnel System under Title 5”. 
President Reeves called on the NAACP, AFGE, EEOC representatives, at the summit, to work together to review the Federal Personnel system. 

President Reeves stated, “We believe that the Federal Personnel system is in need of an overhaul.”  “Unification will enhance the viability of government service among federal, state and local agencies”.  “Government workers need to exercise their right to vote in this upcoming election.” “It is time that we stand up for our rights and this can be done in the polls.”  “This task force exemplifies only a small fraction of what needs to be done.”

Blacks In Government was well represented and our members should continue to stay in tune with the current issues that are affecting our government.


Loverna Miller, Chair
National Communications
Public Relations Committee