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Please Support Our Youth During Black History Month!



            We, the members of the Central Virginia Chapter (CVC) of Blacks In Government (BIG), proudly announce the presentation of our third annual “Gospel Shout Out.”  This year, we’ve put a little twist to the production and are calling it the “Gospel Shout Out – Youth Explosion 2007.”  That’s right…, youth and their development will be our focus this year.  We will showcase the many talented and gifted youth in and around our community.  Among them will be the Richmond Boys Choir, as well as a variety of other young soloist, ensembles, poets, praise dancers, and mimes from the Tri-City area.


            Our Gospel Shout Out – Youth explosion 2007, will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2007, at the Petersburg High School auditorium, from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.   The admission is absolutely Free!!   The only donation that we’re asking for from you is your attendance!


            We have planned an exciting program for all to enjoy!   We would like to cordially invite you, your family members, your friends, and your church congregation to support this wonderful endeavor to highlight our youth and their talents.  Your support will be conspicuous by your attendance.

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2007 Information Superhighway & Oratorical Student Competition Theme

2007 Information Superhighway Student Competition Theme
Exploring the Uses and Limitations of Working Robotics

Students will build a website that explores the science behind the design and operation of robots. This theme will help them recognize the advantages and limitations of robots by comparing how robots and humans sense, think, and act. The WebPages will explore uses of robots in manufacturing, research and everyday settings. The research to build their pages will help students understand their connection with technology and create an excitement about science and math that will prepare them for the use of computers, robotics, and automation in the workplace.



ISSC 2007 Letter


ISSC 2007 Program Info


2007 Oratorical Contest Theme
What Personal Traits Must Youth Develop to Become Emerging Leaders in the 21st Century?

Leaders are not only the people making headlines in the national news. They are people who are trying to work with other people to make a difference. If youth want to make a difference, they need to learn about leadership skills. This oration is designed to introduce youth to the concepts of leadership. The youth will study leaders in history and in their community. They will identify the characteristics that these leaders have which make them a good leader. This will help youth become aware of the personal traits that they need to develop to become the type of leader that they would like to have.

Oratorical 2007 Letter


Ortorical 2007 Program Info