BIG PURPOSE: An advocate of equal opportunity and professional development for Black government employees at the Local, State and Federal government levels and others dedicated to justice for all.


BIG VISION: Member focused, world class enterprise, recognized for excellence.


BIG MISSION: Enable all present and future Black employees in Local, State, and Federal governments to have the ability to maximize their career opportunities and provide a mechanism for inclusion, growth and advocacy.



Ř Be Accountable

Ř Commit to Excellence

Ř Act with Integrity

Ř Take Responsibility

Ř Work As A Team

Ř Remain Loyal and Dedicated

The Coast Guard Chapter was established in 2001 with the following committees:

· Programs & Planning

· Membership; Awards

· Bylaws & Resolutions

· Communications


· Scholarship

· Oratorical 


If you would like to join the U.S. Coast Guard Chapter, click here to contact the Membership Chair.



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