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Letter from the President

Welcome to the website of the New Kemet Harambe Chapter (NKHC) of Blacks In Government (BIG). We look forward to your cyber visits and hope that you find the site engaging and informative. We also encourage you to join us, in person, at one of our general meetings held each month in the Ralph Metcalfe Federal Building located at 77 W. Jackson Blvd in Chicago.
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The mission of NKHC is to advocate for equal opportunity and professional development of Black government employees at the Local, State and Federal government levels and others dedicated to justice for all.  The New Kemet Harambe Chapter of Blacks in Government, has members representing various Federal Agencies, Associate member(s) and federal government retirees.  We are a dedicated Chapter of dynamic and qualified individuals with a broad spectrum of experience, a blend of ages, and a diversity of viewpoints with a commitment to excellence.  We actively seek employees or retirees who are concerned about the present and future status of Blacks in Government. 

We carry out this mission through various programmatic and community outreach activities such as  Brown Bag Seminars, Student Oratorical Competitions, WTTW pledge drives, and training/career development, to name a few. Please take a moment to review our 2015 Accomplishments Report for additional information on some of these past chapter events.

All of the many programs and activities conducted by NKHC are made possible thanks to the tireless work of our voluntary members. To these dedicated individuals, and on behalf of the Executive Committee of NKHC, I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for your skill and expertise, perseverance and patience, and resolute commitment to the achievement of our BIG goals. I encourage every Chapter member to continue to THINK BIG; the growth, viability and visibility of our Chapter, its members and the imprints we make within the government sector, local community and National BIG organization can only be achieved if our members THINK BIG!

On April 21, 2016, NKHC celebrated its 15th anniversary. I thank all of us who contributed to the development of the chapter during these past 15 years; we should be proud of our collective achievements. We look forward to a productive and successful future.


Adrianne M. Callahan, President