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Officer’s Leadership Training (OLT)
Dedicated and Profound Leadership Principles & Best Practices

The Fair Pay Act of 2009 and Timely Filing of Pay Discrimination ComplaintsMS Word

Agency Relationships with Employee Advocacy Groups

Attorney Assistance Program (AAP) Process

National Legal Review Committee Statement MS Word

Legal Review ProgramsMS Word

Civil Rights Act of 2004

Parent/Guardian Permission Release & Hold Harmless Agreement MS Word

Position Paper
Blacks In Government: Legal Representation vs. Advocacy MS Word

Attorney Referral
Service Request Letter



Attorney Referral Service

Attorney Assistance
Program (AAP) Requirements
Acrobat File

BIG Legal Intern Program
and Application
Acrobat File


Cornell Law School

Federal Sector EEO Law (2001)MS Word


How To Find and Hire An AttorneyMS Word


Legal Web LinksMS Word


Officer Leadership
Training Manual - Legal
Acrobat File


So You Want to Be A LawyerMS Word

A76, Outsourcing, Privatization and Contracting Out MS Word

Take Back The Courts - Web Video

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