These guidelines establish procedures for the implementation of Blacks In Government (BIG) Scholarships to Acquire Career Keys (STACK) program. The purpose of this program is to assist in the development and maintenance of an effective workforce in these times of rapid technological change.

OBJECTIVE: This scholarship program facilitates training for career advancement and development opportunities for BIG’s membership.

1. Eligible Applicant

1.1 The eligible applicant shall be a financial and active member of BIG for two consecutive years. The recipient must retain his/her financial status during the year in which the award is utilized.

2. How Funds are Used

2.1 The scholarships are intended to underwrite specific training expenses associated with a specific government job or promotional opportunity. Applicants must document: (1) employer funds are not available for the training/education and (2) training desired as it relates to current or potential employment.

2.2 The scholarship funds may be applied to tuition or associated costs including room and board, books, instructional or lab fees, travel to the training site or other documentable training related expense to an accredited institution only.

These funds can not be applied to expenses associated with the Annual Blacks In Government National Training and/or Regional Conferences.

2.3 Awards to each recipient must be used within the fiscal year awarded or one school term. When funds are used for a continuing course of study, a minimum 2.00 GPA on a 4.00 point or 1.50 on a 3.00 point grading scale is required.

2.4 No recipient can receive the scholarship during two consecutive fiscal years or two consecutive school years, whichever is applicable.

2.5 The award of the scholarship or payment of fees neither implies nor incurs any ongoing obligation to the recipient or to any training institution on the part of Blacks In Government.

3. The Application Process

3.1 To apply, complete the STACK application and submit an official transcript. The TRANSCRIPT is required to be mailed and postmarked within 14 business days of receipt of the scholarship application. The transcript is to be sent directly from the appropriate college or university

Please type your mailing address carefully, since it will be used to send you confirmation of the training award and any additional information.

The application must be properly signed by the Regional Director. Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

3. 2 Copies of registration material or other invoices must be received by the National Office before funds can be disbursed. The funds shall be sent directly to the educational institution or training vendor. Associated costs shall be sent to the recipient upon proper documentation.

4. Applicant Considerations

4.1 The National Program and Planning Committee will review all applications and recommend approval or disapproval to the National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee is the approving authority for all STACK requests. Incomplete applications shall not be evaluated. The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

4.2 Recipients shall be notified by registered or certified mail and shall be announced at the Annual National Training Conference.

4.3 BIG reserves the right to determine all scholarship awards.

4.4 Applications are to be mailed to:

Blacks In Government
Attn: Chair, Program and Planning
3005 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

5. Criteria for Review and Evaluation of Applications

5.1 An eligible applicant must be a financial and active member of Blacks in Government for two consecutive years. (40 points)

5.2 The applicant must submit a plan to use the award within the fiscal year awarded or one school term. (10 points)

5.3 The applicant must define and justify the importance of the area of study, the anticipated benefits and the scope of the training. (35 points)

5.4 The applicant must submit a proposed budget which contains an estimated cost to BIG which are reasonable considering the anticipated benefits and scope of the training. (15 points)

6. Receipt of Applications

6.1 Applications may be mailed or hand-delivered. The National Headquarters will accept hand-delivered applications during the regular working hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.

7. Application Form Step-by-Step Procedure




Enter the 6 digit membership number and BIG chapter name.


Enter the chapter’s name.


Request status, mark "x" one only.


Enter the complete name of applicant.


Enter the applicant’s social security number.


Enter the applicant’s date of birth (optional).


Enter the applicant’s address.


Enter the applicant’s home telephone number, including area code.


Enter the applicant’s position level (mark one only).


Enter the employer/organization (complete name and mailing address). Do not use acronyms or abbreviations for agency’s name.


Enter the applicant’s office telephone number, including area code.


Enter the applicant’s year of service (optional).


Enter the applicant’s position title/function.


Enter the applicant’s pay plan/series/grade step (optional).


Enter the type of appointment (optional).


Enter the applicant’s education level.


Enter the applicant’s email address.


Enter the complete name and mailing address of the training vendor, including zip code.


Enter the location of training site.


Enter the course title, training objective and benefits to be derived by the Government and applicant. (Please use a separate sheet.)


Enter the date that the training starts.


Enter the date that the training will be complete.


Enter the number of course hours during duty hours.


Enter the number of course hours during non-duty hours.


Applicant signature and the date.


Check whether agency fund availability.


Enter tuition cost.


Enter cost of books, material and any other costs.


Enter total for 21a and 21b.


Enter any travel cost.


Enter any other indirect costs (be specific).


Enter total of 22a and 22b.


Enter instructions for billing the educational institution. Attach original invoices.


Enter Regional Director’s name, and telephone number.


Regional Director must sign and date here.


Enter President’s name and telephone number.


President must sign and date here.


Enter Program and Planning Committee chair’s name and telephone number.


Chair must sign and date. Enter approval/disapproval and date.

Stack Application Form

Stack Guidlines