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1st Place – NaDear Raymond, Region III

2nd Place – Tailynn Downing , Region V

3rd Place – Samantha O’Sullivan, Region XI

Blacks In Government Regional Councils Presidents

FROM: Honorable Ms. Darlene H. Young -BIG National President

SUBJECT: 2015 Training In Communications Program

1. The National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG) is sponsoring a Training In Communications (TIC) program. The purpose of this program is to provide young people training in communication and leadership skills, and practical experiences to develop those skills. The TIC Program is composed of two parts: a) Communications Academy, and b) Student Oratorical Contest. The TIC targets 9th – 12th Grade students to compete for scholarships and awards. The 2015 theme is: Domestic Violence and Abuse: How Can We Cure this Societal Disease.  

2. The TIC program enables your chapter to make a positive contribution in the community, thus increasing the chapter’s visibility. It provides an excellent opportunity to share with others BIG’s mission and vision.

3. The Oratorical segment of the program will conclude at BIG’s National Training Conference at the National Oratorical Competition. First place winners from Regional Councils’ Oratorical Competition will compete in the national competition. Students will receive awards (plaques and scholarships) for successfully preparing and presenting an original oration. The National Awards are: 1) First Place – Plaque and $1000, 2) Second Place – Plaque and $600, and 3) Third Place – Plaque and $400.

4. BIG has developed a program package to assist you in conducting the TIC program at the chapter level for participation in the regional and national oratorical competition.

5. Regional Council and Chapter Presidents should appoint a Chair to coordinate the competition, effectively. Regional Council Presidents should also contact the chapters in their region and inform them of the date and location of their regional competitions. Please note that regional winners must be selected no later than July 1, 2015 and submitted to the National Program and Planning Committee Chair.

6.  All student entries at the chapter and regional level must adhere to ALL of the national published guidelines. Any entries submitted to compete in the national competition; which, did not adhere to the national guidelines at either chapter, regional or national level, will be immediately disqualified and will not be able to resubmit the student entry for reconsideration at any level.

7.  I
f you have any questions concerning the Training In Communications program please forward them via e-mail to

There is a mandatory requirement for regions that compete in the competition at the national level to provide a regional chaperone. Each region is responsible for assigning primary and alternate chaperones for their contestants who participates in the competition during the Annual BIG National Training Institute.

The regional chaperones MUST meet the student when he/she exits the airplane and REMAIN with the student during his/her entire stay with BIG. Final details on chaperone responsibilities will be provided closer to the national competition.

8.  ALL entry forms and other documents received after the July 1, 2015 deadline will not be accepted and will be returned to the region. Regional Council Presidents are asked to forward this information to your regional Oratorical Competition Chair or your Program and Planning Committee Chair. Also, provide the name, phone number, and e-mail address of your TIC Chair to the National Program and Planning Committee Chair at

 cc: National Board of Directors, National Executive Committee, Regional Council President

10 Attachments:

  1. 2015 TIC Program
  2. 2015 TIC Program Flyer
  3. 2015 TIC Program Entry Form
  4. 2015 TIC Program Brochure
  5. 2015 TIC Program Planning Guide & Rules
  6. 2015 TIC Program Timekeeper Sheet
  7. 2015 TIC Program Judges and Master Score Sheets
  8. 2015 TIC Program Sample Award Certificate
  9. 2015 TIC Program Package Submission Checklist
  10. 2015 Oratorical President Memo
  11. 2015 - Oratorical Youth Permission Form