2016 Ask The Lawyer Articles By Cheri L. Cannon, Esq.

1. My supervisor referred to me and a few other black co-workers as “you people.”
2. I received a letter of counseling for a benign mistake. Is that something I can appeal to the MSPB?
3. What happens if I prove the agency is discriminating against me by not promoting me, but it can also show the selectee was more qualified than me?
4My agency has given me written notice that it wants to remove me. If I resign immediately, can I avoid having this adverse action mar my record?
5. How can cyber security violations endanger my job?
Will I be protected against retaliation if I blow the whistle on the wrongdoing of someone who does not work for the federal government?
7.  At what point in an employee’s career will the length of his federal civil service tenure count as a mitigating factor should he face disciplinary action?
8. I was recently promoted to a supervisory position, but now my agency is trying to return me to my old, non-managerial position. Can I file an appeal with the MSPB?
9. Ever since my closest friend in the office blew the whistle, my supervisor has been coming down hard on me. Am I protected against retaliation for someone else’s whistleblowing activity?
10.  Ever since I filed an EEO complaint, my supervisor has been going out of his way to embarrass me in front of co-workers. Does this count as retaliation?
11. How many times must a federal employee be absent for an agency to charge him with failure to be regular in attendance?
12. Can my agency discipline me twice for the same misconduct?
13. I received an indefinite suspension from my federal employer.  Is there any way to reverse it?
14. I was removed from my position for misconduct.  Other employees who have committed the same misconduct received only temporary suspensions.  Do I have a claim against the agency?