Affirmative Employment and Equal Opportunity (AE/EEO)

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AE/EEO Regional Chairpersons: Please review the PowerPoint link. It speaks to the MD 715 and 462 Reports that Chapter's should request from their senior management (Head of the Agency and/or EEO Director/Manager) to ascertain the diversity and EEO picture of their Agency and take necessary steps to address areas where there appear to barriers and need improvement thru the use of the BIG Advocacy Program and Discrimination Awareness Program (DAP). Please ensure that all Chapter AE/EEO Chairs and Chapter Presidents in your Region receive this presentation, ASAP. This will be included in the Regional Training Teleconferences that I plan to conduct in July.

  • EEO MD - 110

    Questions and Answers for the New Management Directive 110

    Questions and Answers for the New Chapter on Settlement Authority, Management Directive 110

    Age Discrimination in Employment Act

    Procedures--Age Discrimination in Employment Act

    The Civil Rights Act of 1991

    Part 1614-Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity

    Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity: Final Rule

    Federal sector equal employment opportunity

    Title VII of the
    Civil Rights Act of 1964

    The Age Discrimination in
    Employment Act of 1967

    The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    Sections 501 and 505
    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V 10 Reasons to Mediate Questions and Answers for
    Parties to Mediation:
    Mediation and the
    Americans with
    Disabilities Act (ADA)
    U.S. Department
    of Justice Civil Rights
    Division Employment
    Litigation Section
    Frequently Asked
    U.S. Department
    of Justice Civil Rights
    Division Frequently Asked Questions
    about Titles II
    and III of the ADA
    U.S. Department
    of Justice Civil Rights
    Division Disability Rights Section
    Systemic Task
    Force Report

    Working for America Act of 2005 Working for America Act
    Section-By-Section Analysis
    Key Feautres of
    the Working for America Act of 2005
    Frequently Asked Questions
    of the Working for America Act of 2005
    Comparative Summary
    of the Working for America Act of 2005

    National Coalition For
    Equity In Public
    Service (NCEPS)

    Slide Show Presentation
    Number 1

    Slide Show Presentation
    Number 2

    Federal Equal Opportunity
    Recruitment Program

    Blacks In Government
    Representatives Attend
    Roundtable on
    Equal Employment

    Blacks In Government
    Commends the EEOC
    for their support of the
    American With Disabilities
    Act (ADA)

    U.S. Census Bureau
    Facts on the Blacks
    or African-Americans

    Quantities of Federal
    Employees by Congressional
    District and County

    The Digest of
    Equal Employment
    Opportunity Law

    The New Spoils System

    EEOC Task Force Reports

    EEOC Field Reposition Plan

    EEOC Field Offices

    EEOC No-Cost
    Outreach Programs