Blacks In Government 37 th Annual National Training Institute

Theme:  BIG – Connect, Communicate, Collaborate - Advance!

August 24-27, 2015

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NTI Conference Site

Hilton Orlando 
6001 Destination Parkway
                                   Orlando, Florida  32819


Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy NTI 2015 Community Service Project  

Join us again this year, as Blacks In Government takes a stand against Hunger.  The DYLA Food For Thought Program will support the Second Harvest Food Bank by hosting a food drive (beginning today) through August 27, 2015.  BIG Members can make contributions online (use link below), or donate in person during the National Training Institute (NTI)!


Click to download  the  Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy NTI 2015 Community Service Project flyer


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Contacts:   Ms. Mazella Thomas, DYLA Coordinator or  Ms. Renee Mosley, DYLA Change Agent Team Leader


Scholarship Recipients of Blacks In Government and Management Concepts National Certification Program

The National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG), Inc. and Management Concepts are pleased to announce this year's scholarship recipients of the Leadership Certificate Program and the Supervisors Certificate Program.

Ms. Christian Blackman is the winner of the Leadership Certificate Program and Ms. Allyson Theophile is the recipient of the Supervisors Certificate Program.

The Leadership Certificate program helps one gain the knowledge and experiences needed to successfully prepare for new leadership roles, increase emotional intelligence and engagement capabilities, and provide skills needed to handle complex problems, and lead change. The Supervisors Certificate Program helps one develop critical supervisory skills needed to effectively hire and develop others, monitor performance, manage conflict, and make decisions. Criteria for the award included writing an essay on the

2015 National Training Institute Theme, "BIG--Connect, Communicate, Collaborate--Advance!"
christian blackman2 photo 

Ms. Christian Blackman is a lifetime member of BIG and chapter president of the Carl T. Rowan Chapter. In her award winning essay, Ms. Blackman stated the following, "If I am a scholarship recipient, I will be a testimony of the added value of this training with not only my employer, but with Blacks In Government as well. The impact of the collaboration effort between Blacks In Government and Management Concepts will show how both organizations are investing into the future leaders of government. It is essential to have affiliations with professional organizations and hands-on work.

This training will provide that and much more as well as attending the Blacks In Government 37th Annual National Training Institute. Both will provide an opportunity to develop and enhance my professional developments kills while forming relationships with individuals from across the country n various capacities."

photo theophile 

Ms. Allyson Theophile is a member of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of Blacks In Government. In her award winning essay, Ms. Theophile stated, "I have never been one to shy away from challenges or an opportunity to learn.

I believe my strong work ethics, willingness to take on new and challenging assignments, and my ability to see outside the box has contributed in developing my leadership qualities. I seek coaches and mentors who I feel have strong ethical leadership traits.

I believe one should always seek out challenging experiences and not shy away from opportunities to learn. I am currently developing a program called, "Measuring What Works." Additionally, I am working with my current agency to develop meaningful outcome measures for programs we currently have and plan on developing in the future."

We congratulate Ms. Blackman and Ms. Theophile as they continue to excel in their careers and make positive contributions as members of Blacks In Government.