President, Honorable Ms. Darlene H. Young
Executive Vice President, Honorable Dr. Doris Sartor
First Vice President, Mr. Billy Hill
Second Vice President, Mr. Matthew Fogg
Third Vice President, Honorable Mr. Gary Blackmon
Secretary, Ms. Sandra F. Glenn
Corresponding Secretary, Ms. Paula Davis
Treasurer, Ms. Norma Samuel
Assistant Treasurer, Ms. Yolanda A. Tines

National Standing Committees

Finance Ms. Ester Seabrook
Program and Planning, Dr. Vera McKethan
Communication and Public Relations, Mr. Chris Jones
Legislative Review, Ms. Ruth D. Benson 
Membership, Ms. Peggy Wilson
Evaluation, Dr. Ladel Lewis
Legal Review, Ms. Ashanti Huey, ESQ
Conference Planning, Mr. Richard Shields  
Affirmative Employment/Equal Employment Opportunity, Mr. David Prince

National Appointed Officers

Historian, Honorable Ms. C. Jacquie Beatty-Sammons
Parliamentarian, Honorable Mr. Ramsey Alexander, Jr.

National Special Committees

Protocol, Ms. Monica Hedgspeth
Delegates Assembly Chairperson, Honorable Mr. David Groves
Future Leaders of American Government (FLAG) Coordinator, Immediate Past President,  Mr. J. David Reeves 
Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy Coordinator, Ms. Mazella Thomas
Project BIG Vote, Ms. Janie Ealey
Health Initiatives Programs, Ms. Bettie L. Hudson 
Conference Registration, Ms. Cassandra D. Jones
National Corporate Sponsor Chair, Honorable Dr. Doris Sartor
Building New Leaders for the NOW Generation Chair, Ms. Christian Blackman 
Telecommunications Chair, Honorable Mr. Leonard T. Stone
Photography Team, Ms. Veronica Robinson
Presidential Advisor, Honorable Mr. Gerald R. Reed