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The Military Veterans Emphasis Committee (MVEC) is a National Special Committee for the National Organization of Blacks In Government (BIG).


The MVEC serves as an internal consultant to BIG and promotes the use of the Veterans Administration and community programs, benefits and services for BIG military veterans and their family members. In addition, MVEC makes recommendations to the National Executive Committee that will better serve military veterans and their families.


BIG MVEC provides interpersonal and online information and support to BIG's military veterans and their families that create more effective pathways to military veteran-oriented resources provided by local and national government/commercial/private organizations by fostering synergies that help ensure BIG military veterans and families maximize military veteran-oriented resources and services.

MVEC Goals:

  1. Develop and promote career and educational opportunities.
  2. Forge and cultivate parternerships with affinity organizations and veteran friendly corporations.
  3. Assist with the transformation of military leaders to civilian leaders.
  4. Serve as a canduit that disseminates military-veteran oriented information.
  5. Serve as an advocate for BIG military/veterans and their families.
  6. Serve as a liaison between BIG military veterans and their families and the National Leadership.

MVEC Initiatives:

  1. Prepare a survey to identify BIG military-veterans and family members.
  2. Solicit corporate sponsorship.
  3. Initiate training programs at the NTI and local communities.
  4. Participate in local and national military veteran events.
  5. Solicit regional support.









A variety of scholarships are available to veterans and their spouses and families. Visit the individual websites for more information on the various scholarships, complete eligibility requirements, and deadlines. Also check with your college or university to search for other available scholarships.








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