History of Blacks In Government (BIG)

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Blacks In Government (BIG) is a pro-active national organization operating within the federal, state and local sector governments to educate and promote equal employment opportunity in the areas of recruitment, hiring, training, work assignments, promotions, career development, upward mobility, and other work related concerns. BIG was founded in 1975 by a group of African-American employees in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. In 1976, BIG was incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the District of Columbia. Today there are over 200 BIG chapters nationwide. These chapters serve as operating arms of the organization, carrying out a variety of programs to meet local needs.


BIG was established to address the workplace concerns of African-American government employees. The goals and objectives of BIG are:

         to be an advocate of equal opportunity

         to eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination

         to promote professionalism

         to develop and promote programs which will enhance ethnic pride and educational opportunities

         to establish a mechanism for gathering and dissemination of information

         to provide a non-partisan platform on major issues of local, regional, and national significance that affect Blacks in government. 


BIG comprises 11 regions across the United States. Representatives from each chapter within a given region form the respective regional council, which supports and promotes BIG's goals and objectives. 


BIG provides assistance and training to members through a number of ongoing programs and initiatives. Its annual National Training Institute (NTI) is endorsed by government agencies and open to all.


Blacks In Government

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